About AmericanWayVeteransFund.org

We exist because of your generous support and donations. Our primary goal and mission is to raise money for veterans. We do this in several ways.

Our Team

Peter Jannuzzi, M.D.

Peter Jannuzzi, writer and performer of American Way, was born in Queens and grew up in Long Island, NY. He attended Manhattan College 1974-1978 and Georgetown Med School 1978-1982 on an Army scholarship. Jannuzzi was stationed at Walter Reed 1982-1985, Ft. Campbell 1985-1987, and West Point 1987-1989. He was a Major at discharge, 1989, and remained in the reserves 1989 – 1991.

He currently practices pediatrics in Farmington.

Jannuzzi says:

I was never near any combat of any kind and although technically I am a veteran, I do not remotely compare myself to the men and women who were asked to fight or even leave their homes.

I have always been in awe of that kind of soldier and the families that stand behind them. I wanted to honor these men and women so I wrote a song called American Way, just really for myself and them. This was around the time of Desert Storm, 1990-1991 or so is when I finished it.

Thomas Mazzarella

Tom Mazzarella is the executive producer and co-founder of MazzMedia. He has earned a multitude of awards for his outstanding achievement in videography, editing and excellent producer talents.  His video productions have garnered numerous gold and silver television industry awards and accolades from educational and children’s media industries. He’s worked with executives and subject-matter-experts  around the world to produce exceptional promotional and educational programs. He’s applied his creative and meticulous editing to set MazzMedia’s high standards of quality.

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